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Privacy Policy

Within TM Planning, access to such information may be granted to persons responsible for marketing, the sales service, customer relations and prospecting services, administrative services, logistics and information technology services and their superiors.

TM Planning reserves the right to collect information on Buyers.
The data collected may not be used for commercial ends other than those provided for in regard to the website and any other ends that may be subsequently sought by TM Planning. Data used for commercial prospection may be stored for three months with effect from the end of the commercial relationship.

  • Izumi Takada 2nd CD Amplitude
    Izumi Takada 2nd CD
    Released on Jul 29, 2009 JPY 2,300
    See Details of 'Izumi Takada 2nd CD Amplitude'
  • Izumi Takada 3rdCD Rendez-Vous
    Izumi Takada 3rd CD
    Released on Feb 14, 2013 JPY 2,600
    See Details of 'Izumi Takada 3rdCD Rendez-Vous'
  • Izumi Takada 4th CD Amplitude
    Izumi Takada 4th CD
    "Tree of Life"
    Released on Jan 8, 2016 JPY 2,600
    See Details of 'Izumi Takada 4th CD Amplitude'
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